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Operating a construction company today is especially challenging given the economic ups and downs over the past few years. We have years of experience in the industry represented by our general contractor, trade subcontractor and building material supplier clients. Our audit, review, and tax preparation services give us insight into your business that allows us to provide advice on how to maximize the profitability and long-term success of your construction company.

We are deeply committed to serving the construction industry and actively participate in many trade associations. We use information from sources such as CMHC, Ontario Construction Secretariat and Statistics Canada to benchmark our clients financial performance with their competitors and the Ontario average.

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Business advisory

Our primary goal is to help our construction clients improve their profits and cash flow. To achieve that goal, we provide the following business advisory services:

  • Benchmarking - compare your business to your competitors and Ontario averages
  • Income tax planning - provide creative strategies to minimize income tax
  • Job costing and overheads - ensure job costing and overheads are accurate
  • Estimating system analysis - walk through estimating process and improve weaknesses
  • Financing - negotiation of financing by representing strength of your company to lenders
  • Financial forecasting and budgeting - help to control overhead and fixed costs through budget
  • Financial monitoring - provide monthly/quarterly financial health monitoring of company
  • Custom management reports - identify areas to improve profitability

In essence, we can provide valuable business advice on any number of day to day issues or larger challenges that require professional advice. We are here to help!


Benchmarking is an important tool we use to help our clients improve profits. We take your businesses financial results and compare them to the local or Ontario industry averages as published by Statistics Canada. This analysis helps us isolate areas needing improvement and focus on your strengths. Included in the benchmarking services are:

  • Industry comparison - Comparison of key expense items and margins to industry averages
  • Health check - Analysis of key ratios for profitability, cash, coverage, efficiency, and return
  • Financial trends - Comparison of your performance compared to last year/month/quarter

If you are interested in knowing how your business compares to your competitors, our benchmarking service will give you the answers.

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