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Personal Income Tax

Personal income tax rules change every year as the government offers new tax saving incentives or removes other ones. Having a professional income tax advisor who is up to date on these changes and knows your personal situation intimately is a distinct advantage. We also see the bigger picture which includes your spouse, children, and business. Our income tax planning includes all these different facets and ensures you pay the lowest overall income tax rate.

Tax free savings account (TFSA)
A TFSA can be of benefit to you but first you should consider whether an RRSP is of more advantage.

RRSP's are still the top income tax savings method. We can help you decide how much to contribute so you maximize the tax savings.

Smith maneuver
There is a method to convert non-tax deductible interest (ie. home mortgage) into tax deductible interest over time. We do this by working closely with a mortgage broker to restructure your finances.

Tax credits and deductions
Our thorough knowledge of our clients allows us to ensure that they are benefiting from all new tax credits and deductions that are available.